Schaltbau – Safe and Reliable Train Electrics

Schaltbau supply train electrics to companies including Bombardier, Siemens, Hitachi, Rotem, PESA & Kawasaki for use worldwide in urban transportation and main-line rail vehicles, providing maximum safety, reliability and long life.

Schaltbau – Safe and Reliable Train Electrics
Master controllers are made to customer requirements but offer freedom of configuration of the individual operating controls, latching elements and switching elements. The handle position can be communicated to the train control unit with a digital or analogue signal depending on system requirements. Features include ergonomic design, modular configuration and high resistance to shock & vibration.

L Series toggle switch assemblies are equipped with cam-operated switching elements which are especially suited for switching high loads up to 60 A. In addition, some switching elements feature permanent-magnetic blowout for arc quenching.

P Series toggle switch assemblies are fitted with snap-action switches which guarantee the failsafe opening of the NC contact even if it has become welded in a short circuit situation. Snap action switches featuring additional permanent magnetic blowout for arc quenching can be supplied.

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