VERLINDE equips Midi Bobinage with a gantry crane

Equipped with VERLINDE's new 6300 kg gantry crane Midi Bobinage now offers an ever wider range of services to its customers.

VERLINDE equips Midi Bobinage with a gantry crane
Midi Bobinage is an authorised agent for electrically powered industrial systems and related products and provides a maintenance and performance improvement service. The company's daily work includes handling and manipulating heavy industrial speed reducers. After being offloaded from the trailer they are set inside the workshop. Previously, a manual Verlinde gantry crane with a 3200 kg electric hoist was used. "It was long and laborious because the speed reducers had to be offloaded from the trailer with a lifting truck before being manually pushed and handled with the gantry crane. We can now not only deal with larger and heavier systems but handling time has been halved", points out Mr Del'Ova, Chairman and Managing Director of MIDI BOBINAGE. VERLINDE teams have erected a gantry crane with an appropriately sized jib crane that can be operated both inside and outside. Space requirements were a great constraint because the height of the shop door frame was determined by a sustaining beam and could not be shifted. A EUROBLOC VT2 type wire rope electric hoist with 4/1 reeving was used for this application. "We also use the gantry crane to lift and lower large electrical machines. The speed variation feature, along with precision of travel and hoisting represent a significant quality service advantage we offer our customers", concludes Mr Dell'Ova.

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