Emparro67 Hybrind

A New Dimension of Decentralized Power Supply.

Emparro67 Hybrind
The innovative Emparro67 Hybrid power supply has many powerful features. It not only relocates power supply from the control cabinet to the industrial field, but it also has two integrated channels for 24V DC load circuit monitoring to ensure reliability. An IO-Link interface permits extensive and transparent communication.

Emparro IP67 rated power supplies are designed for applications outside the control cabinet. All of their components are protected from mechanical stress. The robust metal housing is fully potted and protected from dirt, humidity and cooling lubricants. Their high energy efficiency rating (up to 93.8%) keeps the surface temperature low allowing the units to be touched, even under a full load. This makes the power supplies ideal for many different applications.

Emparro67 Hybrid also offers another advantage, voltage conversion (from 230V AC to 24V DC) no longer takes place in the cabinet, but in the field at the load keeping power loss is kept to a minimum and reducing energy costs. This makes it possible to use a smaller cabinet or, in some applications, to completely get rid of them.

Electronic current monitoring increases reliability

The Emparro67 Hybrid power supply has two integrated MICO channels for electronic current monitoring of separate system components making it possible to separately monitor both sensor and module voltage and the connected fieldbus system’s actuator voltage. This guarantees the desired selectivity, which is not be possible with common monitoring of both input voltages and provides maximum reliability.

If the actuator supply is interrupted, due to short-circuit, overload or cable break, the fieldbus modules continue to be supplied via the sensor and module voltage. Error messages and diagnostic information can still be sent to the PLC.

The Mico channels can be adjusted to different current values, either by pressing a button directly on the device or via a communication interface. The tripping process of the Mico channels has been patented and works off of the principle of “as late as possible, as early as necessary.”

Once 90% of the adjusted current value has been reached, an early warning will be triggered that enables steps to be taken before an error occurs. Disconnected channels can be activated at the press of a button or via a signal.

Extensive communication

The Emparro67 Hybrid is equipped with an IO-Link interface (M12 connection) and is able to communicate as a device with an IO-Link master soEmparro67 Hybrid can be used in fully-networked intelligent applications transporting comprehensive diagnostic data and operating characteristics.

For example, the Emparro67 Hybrid provides information on device status. This enables you to schedule maintenance or replacement without considerable downtime.


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