LS100Ex Fibre: supremely ergonomic high-quality laser engraving on metal

Gravograph has completed its range of LS100Ex laser engraving solutions with a new version, fitted with a pulsed 20 W fibre laser source. With this model you can engrave metals, producing contrast of the highest quality. Its ergonomic design is unique on the market, and it can be used just as easily for part marking applications or in the personalised product industry.

LS100Ex Fibre: supremely ergonomic high-quality laser engraving on metal
LS100Ex Fibre has been developed to enhance the quality and appearance of black engraving on metal parts (steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, metal carbide, silver or brass). Now you can also engrave near-perfect copies of photos, logos and images at a speed of 1.5 m/s.

The ergonomic features of the LS100Ex Fibre are unique: this is the only laser marking machine on the market where parts can be changed via the front panel. This concept, also called “Front Loading” was invented by Gravograph and has now been adopted by some of its competitors. However, their openings are still narrower, with a restricted view of the process under way. This concept has many advantages: it is easier, faster and safer to use. In addition, the operator can remain seated. The working area is 610 x 305 mm, which meets the highest standards on the market, but extra space has been provided to assist in handling parts (740 x 330). This is quite an achievement, because LS100EX Fibre is more compact than other equivalent machines on the market.

Information about the process currently under way is available at a glance from the LCD screen. A built-in working area lighting system provides full illumination of the process under way, and a red laser pointer ensures quick, error-free positioning.

Items can be marked individually where dimensions vary, or in series if the objects to be engraved are placed on a die. The machine’s motorised platform can position objects over a 145 mm range. Cylindrical objects can easily be engraved with the corresponding optional attachment.

It is worth noting that the LS100Ex Fibre has a CDRH Class 1 safety rating. In other words, it can be used in public areas without the slightest risk.

GravoGraph users will find it has the usual control software – GravoStyle – remarkable for its ease of use and the fact that the same application is used to control the whole range of machines, regardless of the marking technology used.

Optional accessories available for the LS100EX Fibre include a cylinder rotator, cutting tables, focussing lenses and a built-in extractor-filter unit. This ventilation is designed for applications where is high emission of particles and fumes. The fully integrated extractor-filter is a basic part of the laser, ensuring the system is compact. Clean air ventilation extends the service life of the machine’s essential working parts.

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