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VAT offers its vacuum control valves in Asia thanks to an HMS Anybus CC-Link CompactCom module

CC-Link fieldbus compliancy is key to accessing Asian markets. Thanks to HMS’ CompactCom, it is both easily implemented and all features are fully supported.

VAT offers its vacuum control valves in Asia thanks to an HMS Anybus CC-Link CompactCom module
Since its foundation in 1964, VAT has been entirely specialized in vacuum valve technology. Maintaining this strong focus has allowed VAT to develop and maintain a leading market position. Its main applications are the semiconductor industries, flat panels, solar and photovoltaic cells.

“VAT has a very strong position in its specific markets. Our customers are machine manufacturers, but the users of our products are the main semiconductor manufacturers in the world,” explains Ronald Pschenitschnigg, Head of Business Unit Control Valves.

“Our product difference is that we have very sophisticated embedded software which enables us to control valve performance. It is the brain of the valve and the result of our broad experience. Our flexibility is also a strong point: we adapt to process recipes to provide customized solutions” says Pschenitschnigg

“CC-Link implementation was a very strong selling argument in Japan and Korea. Very often, Mitsubishi PLCs are implemented and so we needed to find a solution to interface with CC-Link. China is also increasingly using this standard. For the vacuum control valve, we are the only group on the market to offer a CC-Link interface” Pschenitschnigg adds.

VAT had to find a solution to implement CC-Link on their control valves and studied the different offers on the market: “We chose HMS because of the amount of supported fieldbuses, the ability to provide as a standard product a CC-Link module and finally the size of the company which offers us some guarantees,” explains Thomas Grebenz.

“It also is easy to add new fieldbus compatibility to our control valves. With the Anybus CompactCom, we get access to other networks too which means our pressure controllers have worldwide communication connectivity capabilities”.

Implementation was simple
Embedded Anybus CompactCom modules are used in control valves with integrated pressure controller.

“Implementation is instantaneous and rather easy. Once the connection is made we just have to add some specific commands, create a test environment and proceed with the tests” adds Thomas Grebenz.

The Anybus CompactCom modules are now implemented on the 61 and 65 series. These are Butterfly and Pendulum pressure control valves for downstream applications. They feature very fast and strong actuators, a powerful integrated controller and automatic maintenance indications. The controller ensures very fast and accurate pressure control. By operating the LEARN function at start-up, the system parameters are automatically determined. Due to the adaptive algorithm, the controller continuously adapts to the process conditions (species of gas, gas flow) and thus ensures optimum pressure control.
Anybus CompactCom provides industrial devices with a flexible plug-in option module interface supporting all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. It is possible to choose between a parallel or serial application interface and it supports 19 fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. Versions include technology such as integrated 2-port switch energy profiles. All versions are available with or without housing.

Anybus CompactCom provides automation devices with an option interface allowing for instant connectivity to all leading industrial networks. Automation devices with an integrated Anybus-CC slot can use any Anybus-CC module. For example, you can simply exchange an Anybus-CC Profibus module with an Anybus-CC EtherNet/IP module and be instantly connected to that network without the need for hardware and software changes in your automation device.

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