Spindle drive systems

Minimal pitch deviation for maximum precision

Spindle drive systems
In the case of rotary drive tasks the conversion and optimal adaptation of mechanical torques to the respective application usually occurs by means of finely graduated reduction gearheads. High-precision lead screws in combination with DC-Micromotors, Brushless DC-Servomotors or Stepper Motors also make it possible to convert the rotational movement into linear stroke or tensile movements.

The use of ball screws in series BS 22-1.5 enables linear movements with minimum travel variations of max. 5 μm over the absolute total travel. Combination with motors and mounted components such as high-resolution encoders, integrated Motion Controllers or Stepper
Motors in micro-steppping operation guarantees maximum precision, ideal for demanding positioning tasks such as optical filters, glass-fiber technology, lens adjustment in optical systems or micro actuators for medical technology.

The mechanical connection to the motors is implemented by means of a backlash-free coupling integrated into the lead screw. Numerous modifications such as variable screw lengths, modified screw nuts or special lubricants are available on request for use in special applications.

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