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Small, light-weight, versatile: New helical bevel washdown gearboxes

At this year's Hannover Messe exhibition, a preview of a new line of two-stage helical bevel gear units, which consists of models in five different sizes with torques between 90 and 660 Nm, has been showcased at NORD Drivesystems' booth. All units feature a high-strength die-cast aluminum gearcase which is designed according to the proven UNICASE principle. Since the gearcase requires neither an inspection cover nor a screw-on input cover, the units are especially small and light-weight. This facilitates handling, and helps reduce energy consumption particularly in applications where drives are moved.

Small, light-weight, versatile: New helical bevel washdown gearboxes
The new units are designed as washdown gearboxes – cleaning liquids can therefore easily wash off in all installation positions. For that purpose, all external surfaces have been designed with wide radii; there are no indentations or dead spaces. The gearboxes are particularly suited for use in conveyor technology and in the food industry. Further applications include hoists, storage facilities and overhead conveyor systems. As the installation measurements remain essentially the same, users can easily exchange old gear units for the new models. Additionally, the new models have greater power reserves than their predecessors and therefore allow for the use of smaller sizes in some applications. Moreover, the new gear units are suited for use with NORD’s complete range of motors, allowing customers to flexibly configure drive solutions.

Figure: New two-stage helical bevel gearbox from NORD

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