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2-Port EtherNet/IP Plug-in-Module

New EtherNet/IP module with integrated switch reduces infrastructure cost and eliminates the need for external switches.

2-Port EtherNet/IP Plug-in-Module
HMS Industrial Networks is extending its Anybus-CC family with the addition of a 2-port EtherNet/IP communication module with integrated switch. It is the newest member of HMS´s Anybus-CC family of plug-in communication modules providing interchangeable connectivity solutions for all major fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks including Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CANopen, Profinet, EtherCAT and Modbus-TCP. Anybus-CC modules are used as communication interfaces of intelligent automation devices such as drives, HMIs, robots, inverters, instruments, and scales.

The new 2-port version allows EtherNet/IP real-time communication with bus or ring topologies. The module provides an easy way for any kind of automation device with an integrated Anybus-CC slot, to connect to any PLC with EtherNet/IP support and eliminates the need for expensive external switches. In addition to the EtherNet/IP protocol, the module provides a full featured TCP/UDP-IP socket interface which can be used to implement specific application protocols such as Modbus-TCP.

Another key feature of this module is the added support for the DLR (Device Level Ring) network protocol. DLR technology adds device-level network resilience to optimize machine operation. When a DLR detects a break in the ring, it provides alternate routing of the data to help recover the network. In addition, the module also includes industrial IT functions such as an embedded web server, an FTP server and an E-mail client.

The Anybus-CC module comes in housing and is about the size of a compact flash card. The core of the module is HMS´s NP30 microprocessor with its integrated fast Ethernet controller and RAM and Flash memories for the EtherNet/IP device software stack. The onboard 2-port switch provides two 100 Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet interfaces with RJ45 connectors.
All members of the Anybus-CC family are interchangeable and offer device manufacturers a simple and efficient way to connect intelligent automation devices to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks with just one development.

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