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my.nord.com provide access to product and order details

NORD Drivesystems launches its myNORD customer portal: this new section of the drive manufacturer’s website, http://my.nord.com, offers on-line tools for registered customers that provide detailed information about order status, product selection, local contacts, and latest news.

my.nord.com provide access to product and order details
The DriveExpert is a very convenient and powerful configuration tool for drive solutions. The program uses only a single page to present an overview of all entry information at a glance. Depending on the user’s entries, only relevant, available features and configurations are displayed with irrelevant or non-applicable variants blanked out. It contains everything that is necessary for convenient ordering, including specification sheets, technical drawings, and 3D models.

The OrderManager tool allows customers to check their order data at any time and provides fast access to significant details of open orders. Aimed at improving delivery control and integration into customers’ manufacturing schedules, it allows users to filter and sort order lists and trace goods which have already been shipped: a double-click takes them to the website of the respective shipping agency. In the future, OrderManager will also include a feature which generates all support and documentation material on demand, thus ensuring that the material is up to date.

The LocatorTool supplies country-specific contacts. For easy point of reference, these are linked to Google Maps. Contact details in vCard file format can be directly imported into Outlook.

With the Newsletter, customers and interested parties can receive important information, independently from specific orders and enquiries.

The myNORD package is scheduled to be extended in the course of this year. In particular, these additions will establish even more powerful direct communication channels between customers and NORD.

Illustration: The myNORD customer portal provides quick access to in-depth information with OrderManager, Newsletter, DriveExpert, and LocatorTool

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