CF15 Oil and Fuel Pumps with a self contained pressure regulator

This whisper vane pump offers constant flow and quiet running operation. Applications span the whole of fluid systems, while prelube was the first design focus, transfer and process applications also fit well with the pump’s design.

CF15 Oil and Fuel Pumps with a self contained pressure regulator
Anyone installing or rebuilding a large engine should consider a pre-lube system. A substantial part of large engine lifetime wear occurs at dry starts after the lube oil has drained from the bearings and the oil galleries during shutdown. An upfront investment in a pre-lube system can pay for itself many times over by greatly extending an engine's service life.

The CF15 pump includes a self-contained, pressure bypass valve to prevent motor overload, and a low-pressure-loss check valve to prevent backflow. It provides constant pressure, which is particularly valuable in pre-lube applications to prevent backflow from the main engine lube pump. It delivers a 56 L/min flow with AC, DC or compressed air motors.
It is a self-priming and quiet-running vane pump. The whisper vane design provides low noise pumping as well as low maintenance through the direct coupling of the pump heads to the motors.

Applications span both industry and marine systems. Pumps are ideal for stand-by power installations and other large power generation sets. As pre-lube pumps, they will run quietly and require zero maintenance.

As a process pump, they are of interest where constant pressure or flow is required. Thanks to the self contained pressure regulator and by-pass, these pumps can supply several systems running in parallel. Any variations originating for any reason from one process will not affect the performance of any of the other process running at the same time.

As a positive displacement pump, it will self prime and is more efficient and quieter than a gear pump. It performs well with any kind of high viscosity oil or fluid.

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