The FLOWAY dual-flow air handling unit is a plug and play ventilation appliance designed to renew the air inside buildings by introducing outside fresh air, in accordance with the RT 2012 regulations. By optimizing the thermal cycle recovering heat from the extracted air and by using the new CIAT HEE (high energy efficiency) fans, FLOWAY reduces energy consumption by 40% compared with previous solutions. Its range of sizes and configurations makes it suitable both for new systems and for the renovation market.

FLOWAY stands out by its very high thermal efficiency and its low electricity consumption. Previously 50% of the energy necessary to heat the fresh air was supplied by the extracted air, but FLOWAY boosts this figure to at least 80%.

To achieve this result, high-efficiency heat recovery systems are used. These systems are either of the plate type (vertical or ceiling-mount models) or rotary (conventional model), depending on the model. Plate recovery units are “counter-current” with regard to the incoming air flow to optimize heat exchange with the used extracted air. The fresh air flow follows a path in the opposite direction to the extracted flow.

In addition, FLOWAY uses HEE motors and turbines to reduce energy consumption. Air turbine geometry has been completely redesigned, following extensive airflow studies aimed specifically at improving efficiency. In a second major innovation, brushless motors are now used. The EC technology in these motors reduces mechanical friction naturally during rotation. They are more efficient, generate less noise and have longer lifetimes.

The FLOWAY range is available in three configurations:
- Conventional model: 3 sizes, air flow rate from 300 to 2500 m3/h, floor installation in the horizontal position, horizontal air flows, air handling connections on the sides.
- Vertical model: 4 sizes, air flow rate from 300 to 2600 m3/h, floor installation in the horizontal position, vertical air flows, air handling connections on the top.
- Ceiling model: 3 sizes, air flow rate from 300 to 1900 m3/h, ceiling installation in the horizontal position, horizontal air flow, air handling connections on the sides.

In accordance with the environmental commitment of the CIAT Group, FLOWAY has been developed in an eco-design approach. This is a preventive approach, intended to reduce the impacts of the product on the environment by incorporating at the design stage considerations of choice of materials (according to their health impact, for example), energy efficiency, material recycling potential, and involvement of the manufacturer in product end of life. For example, FLOWAY is more than 95% recyclable, thanks to extensive use of metal. In accordance with the ISO 14001 certification of CIAT’s factories, suppliers have also been selected so as to minimize logistic flows.

FLOWAY is fitted with F5, F7 or F8 efficiency air intake filters. It has a rigid casing with a self-supporting structure, and double-wall panels 50 mm thick. The standard equipment of each appliance includes a control regulator, which can be integrated easily into the building management system (BMS).

FLOWAY also becomes an essential component of Hysys Office 5-25, a complete system managing heating, summer comfort and air quality inside office buildings. Connected to the Easy Control BMS, FLOWAY handles office ventilation by introducing the statutory quantity of fresh air and reacts automatically to CO2 detection or measurement signals.

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