Weidmüller's HTX-IE POF offers superior handling advantages – all in one hand: For cutting, stripping and crimping polymer optical fibres (POF). – New processing tools for POF cables complying with IEC 60793-2 A4A (1000 µm/ 980 µm POF)

Automation technology consistently requires ever greater amounts of data and demands ever lower transmission losses, which is why polymer optical fibres (POF) are today being used more and more. Simple connection technology and standardised transmission protocols are distinguishing features of these polymer fibres. Weidmüller now offers an optimum and, to date, unique solution to what is otherwise a complicated process to prepare and terminate POF connectors: With just one tool, the HTX-IE POF, it is possible to strip and crimp 1-mm polymer optical fibres specifically for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP SC-RJ connectors. A rotating blade cuts the fibres precisely at the ferrule so that a subsequent polishing process is no longer necessary. Weidmüller developed its new processing tool for POF cables complying with IEC 60793-2 A4A (1000 µm/ 980 µm POF). In addition, Weidmüller offers a complete programme of tools for processing cables and POF fibres: The PSC 80 assortment case holds everything necessary for preparing and terminating IP67 rated POF connectors. This includes a pair of scissors known as "Scissor Kevlar" specifically to cut aramid fibres, the multi-functional HTX-IE POF and the insulation stripping tool multi-stripax® IE POF.


IO-Link Analog Plug: convert analog signals into IO-Link signals

Until now it has been costly to connect and incorporate analog input/output signals, even though they generally only make up less than 10% of the signals used in a system. The reasons include the use of shielded cable on the installation side and expensive multi-channel input modules on the controller side. The new IO-Link Analog Plugs from Balluff with their high resolution of 14 bits provide the solution. They are the ideal choice for systems with limited instances of analog signals.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Emergency phone system for Europe’s largest suspension bridge

The Great Belt Fixed Link connects half of the Danish population with the rest of the European road and rail network. Approximately 11 million vehicles and 8,3 million train passengers cross the bridge each year. A new 2 x 1 Gbit/s fibre backbone network was recently installed to provide for all the data transmission from the weather stations and CCTV, and a new emergency phone system using IP telephony technology was installed. To provide the data communication between the telephone and the fibre backbone, the company A/S Storebælt has chosen the robust Westermo Wolverine Ethernet Extender.


Weidmüller's "PRO-H" switch-mode power supplies

New family of EX approved power supply units designed to meet the needs of the processing industry and demanding automation technology solutions. Single-phase, slimline switch-mode power supplies save space when populating electrical cabinets. A truly international solution thanks to wide-range input and the corresponding approvals.


RF GFI/GFIS: Foot controls with new high reliability wireless technology

The advantages of wireless communication are particularly obvious in the case of foot controls. The units can be positioned at will and there are no cables to trip over or restrict movement. With the RF GFI/ GFIS series engineers wishing to exploit these advantages not only have a new series of wireless foot switches at their disposal; they can also use a new high reliability wireless standard developed by steute.


Brushless DC servo motors now available with integrated EtherCAT interface

EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based field bus system that meets stringent real-time requirements and currently shows the highest rate of growth in terms of installed nodes in Ethernet-based field buses for industrial automation applications.


43% less energy consumption

With its newly developed TopTherm fan-and-filter units, Rittal is showing that significant improvements in ventilation are still possible. The innovation is the first in the world to use diagonal technology. When installed, it ensures a far better air throughput for improved ventilation in enclosures and housings. Other convincing advantages, besides the simple, tool-free assembly, are the ease of maintenance and increased efficiency. Extensive tests haven shown energy savings of 43%.


Moxa Launches PoE+ Industrial Ethernet Switches for Completing One-stop Shop PoE Solutions

Moxa has launched three high power PoE (Power over Ethernet) IEEE 802.3 af/at industrial Ethernet switches aimed at power-hungry PoE-enabled devices such as PTZ cameras and long distance wireless access points. These three models, the EDS-P506A-4PoE, EDS-P206A-4PoE and INJ-24 satisfy the demands of high power devices by providing up to 30 W of power, double the amount in the existing IEEE 802.3af PoE standard.


POLARIS Touch Panel PCs for hazardous areas with LED Technology

POLARIS Touch Panel PCs with LED technology are an innovative enhancement of the existing POLARIS Panel PCs. Available in the sizes 5.7", 10.4" and 12.1", these devices have been designed for the comfortable handling of simple machines such as mixers, dryers or filling stations and for the control and supervision of complex machines such as reactors, centrifuges or ball mills. All POLARIS devices have been designed for use in zone 1 + 2 as well as in zone 21 + 22. This guarantees the habitual PC comfort also in hazardous areas. The Panel PCs are especially suitable for use in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Innovative brake system increases safety of vertical axes

If there is a danger of falling loads on vertical axes in areas where personnel have to work, additional measures must be taken to minimise the risk of accidents. The Mauerstetten brake specialist mayr® power transmission has developed brake systems which are capable of providing safety in any critical situation occurring during vertical axes operation.

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