Maplesoft is used to model a motorcycle battery

Dereck Wright, Application Engineer at Maplesoft, has developed for a motorcycle manufacturer, a new model of battery with Maplesim. Engineers are thus able to analyse battery charge and discharge according to the way the driver uses various components of the powertrain as the starter motor, the alternator and the engine.



ProSoft Technology develops the new Wireless POINT I/O modules for distributed automation applications

NORD Drivesystems

IE2 Motors

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is bringing to the market IE2 high-efficiency motors compliant with the IEC 60034-30 standard. For practically all its IE2 motors NORD has kept the same capacity and introduced new technological solutions to improve their efficiency.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Oilfield Automation with MRD-310 industrial 3G router

Lufkin Automation has chosen the Westermo MRD-310 3G router to equip its SAM Well Manager product, the oil industry’s most advanced technological solution for high-precision monitoring and control of rod-pumping wells. Used in a series of pilot projects, mainly for the European and Asian markets, the MRD-310 provide a very high level of connectivity, and support many mobile standards including GSM, GPRS, 3G UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA. Dedicated to harsh environments, MRD-310 is aimed to demonstrate significant cost savings in this application.

British Steel

Improved quality of weld repair of rail defects at reduced costs from Tata Steel

Tata Steel Rail has developed a novel technique for the cost effective repair of discrete defects on the running surface of rail. The key strength of this novel technique lies in the replacement of those aspects of the conventional Manual Metal Arc (MMA) process that often result in variability in the quality of the repair with automatic and more controlled operations. The developed semi-automatic process employs open arc welding with flux cored arc wire and relies on a low preheat temperature to proactively control the metallurgical transformations within the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). Given that an average cost per repair or short replacement rail can run into several thousands of euros and that the occurrence of wheel rail interface defects is likely to increase with the evident increase in levels of traffic on most railways, the importance of the new process is easy to understand.


Working three times faster with wireless help

An industrial wireless network has revolutionised the working day for warehouse workers at the electronics manufacturer Elko.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

CANopen Module for ET200S connects Siemens automation and control systems with CANopen

HMS Industrial Networks in co-operation with Siemens AG, introduces the new plug-in 1SI CANopen extension module for the Siemens SIMATIC ET200S I/O system. This new module brings CANopen connectivity to the SIMATIC ET200S distributed I/O system, allowing seamless integration of CANopen devices into the Siemens automation architecture.

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