Fluke Process Instruments

Monitor the mini wave

Fluke Process Instruments announces the smallest thermal profiling system designed specifically for miniature wave selective soldering processes. The DATAPAQ SelectivePaq uses four thermocouples to take measurements from the electronic assembly as it passes through the preheating and dip soldering phases. Sample intervals can be adjusted to up to 20 times per second. The detailed temperature profiles enable electronics manufacturers to adjust their operations for optimum efficiency, validate the consistent quality of PCBs to customers, and prove adherence to both solder and component temperature constraints. The profiling system combines a new four-channel DATAPAQ MicroQ18 data logger with the latest micro-miniature thermocouple plugs and a low-mass thermal shield merely 20 mm high and 40 mm wide. It is therefore optimally suited to monitor the performance of machines that offer very restricted space and for use with holding frames. The complementary DATAPAQ Selective Soldering Process Sensor Array facilitates regular and frequent process stability measurements.


Hengstler encoders will also speak BiSS Safety

In 2015, the Safety Communication Layer of BiSS Safety was confirmed by TÜV Rhineland for suitability for safety-relevant communication up to and including SIL3. In the future, Hengstler will offer this protocol for its rotary encoder portfolio in order to meet the steady growth in safety applications.


VERLINDE’s manual and electrically powered winches enable simple and effective lifting and pulling operations.

To complement our top-ranking hoists mounted on overhead cranes to raise and shift any loads from 63 kg to 250 t in three directions, the steel wire manual and electric winches are intended for other lifting and pulling operations. Indeed, for some applications, as load travel is necessary in one direction only, winches fully meet requirements. In the VERLINDE product catalogue it should be noted that even if three wide complementary groups of winches enable the handling of loads from 150 kg to 10 tonnes, the drum cable winding method is the same, whatever the model. Bolted to the floor, wall or ceiling or even mounted on a jib crane, the winch fully carries out its job of moving the load.

Seco Tools

Seco Expands Solutions for Hard Turning with New PCBN Grades

Seco Tools has expanded its family of PCBN insert grades to cover the entire spectrum of hard part turning applications. Using a new bimodal substrate and coating process, these new inserts extend tool life and increase productivity in a broader range of applications. Seco’s PCBN grade chain for materials ranging from ISO H05 to H35 consists of CH0550, CBN060K, CH2540 and CH3515 and is designed specifically for turning case hardened steels. They incorporate advanced coatings and a bimodal substrate with coarser grain materials, along with optimized cutting edge profiles for long and predictable machining performance.

Seco Tools

Seco Expands Line of Precision Thread Chaser Holders

Seco Tools recently adapted its line of reliable, accurate thread chaser holders to support Steadyline® vibration damping bars and Capto tooling. With special carbide-pin locating systems, patented pocket seat surface patterns and high-pressure coolant delivery, these holders guarantee consistent insert positioning, superior rigidity and effective chip evacuation Adapted for tooling with Capto C6, Capto C8 or Steadyline GL50 connections, these new holders accommodate a wide selection of multi-tooth chasers or single-tooth inserts that efficiently perform external and internal threading operations, providing increased options and added flexibility for push or pull configurations. Previously available in a square shank design, Seco’s thread chaser holders produce API and common licensed thread profiles across the full range of OCTG materials.


For temperatures down to -60oC

Explosion-protected, robust and resistant to cold: new series of Ex position switches

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