TagMe is the world’s top personalised engraving solution dedicated for use on items at the point of sale. It comprises a very simple software interface, which can be operated from a touch screen, and a machine to engrave items or gifts from the shop, including mounting systems. This means that shop assistants can engrave items without the need for any special knowledge. So with the TagMe solution, shops can offer instant personalisation, meaning the customer can take their now-unique item or gift away, without any need to wait around. The TagMe solution can be adapted to personalise a wide variety of items, such as mobile phones, sports medals and trophies for sports shops, perfume or alcohol bottles for sales promotions, dog or pet tags and so on.


A.P.F.: Automatic Plate Feeding

Automatic Plate Feeding is a world first, cost-effective, precise engraving technique for batches of machine plates, tags & ID plates. It is an easy-to-install accessory that works with CO2 laser & rotary engraving technology (LS100, M40DV & IS400.) The APF feeds tags into the engraver automatically and no operator intervention is required. It holds up to 195 plates in one go, with maximum dimensions of 120 x 100mm. A.P.F. is ideal for use in a high-volume production environment.


Thread forming slashes costs by 88%

Taptite 2000® generation of thread forming screws combines efficiency advantages with process reliability. A total cost saving of up to 88% can be achieved in threaded fastener assembly.



XF500Zm is a marking solution with column mounted micro-percussion system incorporating a motorized axis and a touch sensor in the marking zone. It stands out through its simplicity of use, the accuracy of marking due to the excellent quality and fine control of its M1Cz stylus and by its motorized Z-axis, which enables it to automatically seek the surface to be marked. Ideal for single or small series marking, it offers numerous applications: traceability of batches of parts in a mechanical workshop, Data Matrix™ code marking for aeronautic sub-contracting, trade-in stations in the automobile industry, etc…


Modular bearing system for planetary Wind turbine gearboxes

Most wind turbines use gearboxes to transform the relatively low rotational speed of the main shaft into higher speeds required for power generation. Wind turbine designers have to face 2 main challenges when defining these gearboxes. First, the forces a wind turbine gearbox has to transmit are forever increasing while the gearbox itself has to remain compact. Second, these gearboxes are difficult and costly to design, to manufacture and to maintain.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

K2 Qualification of 8N45S Series connectors

SOURIAU has obtained K2 qualification of 8N45S Series nuclear grade connectors. Compliant with RCC-E 2005 design and manufacturing standard, these new connectors integrate a screen termination mechanism that ensures perfect continuity and high shielding performances.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

SOURIAU and PROTOKRAFT team to facilitate ELIO® compliant optical network interconnections

Protokraft has introduced the Sabre Series of high speed optoelectronic solutions with Souriau’s ELIO® optical interfaces, to offer a high performance D38999 / ELIO® based optical component solution for avionics optical networks. These components are ideal for use in harsh environments where small size, weight reduction and significant levels of shock, vibration or extreme temperature ranges are experienced: military, aerospace, industrial or utility applications.


CIAT equips the new FORCLUM headquarters building

The “Volta” building, located in France not far from Paris, has the distinctive feature of consuming just 69 kW/sq. m/year, which is 50% less than conventional service sector buildings. By supplying the energy production system, the air handling units and the comfort units, CIAT is a key player in this performance. Piloted by the main contractor EIFFAGE IMMOBILIER, it is the first service sector operation to be given a BBC Effinergie label in the Paris region.


MapleSim 4 and Maple 14

Maplesoft™ announced the simultaneous release of MapleSim™ 4, the high-performance, physical modeling and simulation tool, and Maple™ 14, the technical computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. MapleSim 4 introduces a new 3-D construction feature and a flexible probe management tool whereas Maple 14 includes new control system design tools, linearization tools, and new solvers.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Beijer Electronics enters strategic alliance with American QSI Corporation

Beijer Electronics has entered a strategic alliance with QSI Corporation, a US based company, who develops and sells rugged operator interfaces and mobile data terminals for industrial OEMs and commercial vehicle systems integrators. This strategic alliance will increase Beijer Electronics presence in the US.

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