Symeo GmbH Introduces 60GHz Positioning RADAR LPR®-1DHP-200 Sensor Family

New High-Precision RADAR Sensors for Industrial Applications to be Showcased at electronica.

Symeo GmbH, now part of Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), today introduced the 60GHz Industrial RADAR Sensor Family LPR®-1DHP-200. The next-generation positioning systems feature highly precise, robust 1D distance measurements with an accuracy in the millimeter range for advanced automation, transport, and production processes.

With the new high-precision sensor systems, Symeo and ADI set an example of their broad system design, and algorithm expertise for innovative and high-performance RADAR applications. The new sensors will be on display at electronica in hall C4 booth 111 (ADI stand), November 13-16 in Munich, Germany.

The primary and secondary LPR®-1DHP-220-R, LPR®-1DHP-260, and LPR®-1DHP-280 RADAR systems enable highly-precise 1D distance measurements of up to 500 meters with an accuracy of +/- 5 millimeters for real-time positioning of cranes, industrial vehicles and other heavy equipment, seamless material tracking and continuous movement monitoring.

Innovative 60GHz Positioning RADAR: Millimeter-Precise Measurements

By using the latest ultra-wideband technology, the second LPR®-1DHP generation is not only more compact and lighter than its predecessor but can also achieve measurements in the millimeter range within a flexible frequency range of 57GHz to 64GHz. As the RADAR technology works extremely robust and is maintenance- and wear-and-tear-free, the high-precision sensor systems are ideal for optimizing automation processes in challenging industrial environ-ments indoors and outdoors – even under sun, rain, vibrations, dust or dirt.

Symeo: Highly Advanced RADAR System and Algorithm Expertise

Symeo was acquired by Analog Devices in February 2018 and is now part of the company’s RADAR Technology Group in the Autonomous Transportation and Safety (ATS) Business Unit. “Together with ADI, we target cutting-edge RADAR solutions in both automotive and industrial markets,” said Thomas Hörl, business development systems director ATS, Symeo.

“Our goal is to offer customers the highest level of RADAR innovation, service, and support. We see ourselves not only as a provider of state-of-the-art RADAR systems, but also as an innovation partner for system integrators, OEMs and industrial key players worldwide.” Symeo´s core competencies in RADAR technology include system design, prototyping, and testing of new RADAR systems.

Analog Devices: Industry Leading Product Portfolio and Expert for Signal Processing

Combining RADAR systems hardware and software knowledge from Symeo with unique semiconductor expertise from ADI, the new LPR®-1DHP-200 series features many of ADI´s component technology from RF to digital baseband including power supply management.

“ADI´s industry leading product portfolio from RF to baseband signal processing solutions and power supply management completes Symeo´s system expertise,” said Chris Jacobs, vice president, Autonomous Transport and Safety Business Unit, Analog Devices.

“Combining both strengths will enable us to deliver a more comprehensive product and customer-centric RADAR solution for autonomous automotive and industrial applications.”