KEYENCE Announces New Clamp-On Micro Flow Sensor


Corporation of America has released a new Clamp-On Micro Flow Sensor to add to the already impressive lineup of clamp-on flow devices. The FD-X Series is a solution for numerous applications where monitoring liquid flow is problematic or currently not possible.

Utilize Everywhere
The FD-X Series can be used with any liquid such as water, oil, lubricants, chemicals, grease, adhesives, FIPG, etc. Viscous and corrosive liquids are not an issue either. Easily clamp-on to the outside of nearly any rigid pipe or flexible tube, regardless of material. The FD-X Series achieves an IP-68G rating and is housed in a chemical resistant, carbon fiber reinforced body.

Hassle-Free Design
Unlike mechanical or coriolis type meters, risks of clogging or pressure loss are completely eliminated with the new FD-X Series. The easy clamp-on design also eliminates the need for maintenance since the unit does not come in contact with the liquid it is detecting.

Unmatched Detection
With a range of monitoring options, the FD-X Series is extremely versatile for all types of applications. Monitor instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, and even shot/dispensing applications. Micro and low flow detection down to a drop is now possible, all while maintaining impressive repeatability.

The FD-X Series once again proves how innovative KEYENCE is with a product that will solve the toughest flow applications with a simple design and setup.

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