Bureau Veritas Dubai Launches Residues & Contaminants Analytical Services for Food & Beverages


Dubai, U.A.E. – Bureau Veritas has announced the new addition of sophisticated analytical services for residues and contaminants in food and beverage samples at its Food & Water Testing Laboratory in Dubai.

Bureau Veritas have employed screening and quantitative methods that are internationally accepted for the detection and accurate quantification of several food hazards, including newly identified and emerging food related concerns. These services include the analysis of various food contaminants, residues and chemical constituents of concern such as pesticides and antibiotic residues, mycotoxins, GMOs, allergens, growth promoters, food adulterants, packaging material hazards, environmental contaminants, and other chemicals.

Consumers can potentially be exposed to residues via consumption of food from animals and plants treated with veterinary medicines or exposed to chemical contaminants such as pesticides. Related health concerns and many recent government regulations focused on the safety of foods dictate the need for analysis of various food contaminants, residues, and chemical constituents of concern.

Bureau Veritas increased capabilities help to minimize the risk of food poisoning and the harmful impact on individuals’ immunity systems due to long term slow dosing. Customers will benefit from the reduced cost of analysis and faster turnaround times of these services which adhere to local standards and regulations and are available to the entire GCC region.

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