March 27-30, 2018 Paris

As a Global manufacturer of (Industrial IoT) Industry 4.0 enabling embedded computer platforms and infrastructure, Advantech has multiple production facilities.

By applying their own “Solution ready platforms” Advantech was able to achieve impressive improvements in their China facility for efficiency and energy savings, including an increase for the production value per employee of 15,4 %.

Advantech´s approach to Industry 4.0 is structured as a 3-layer architecture, enabling Real-time Intelligent machines and robots (Layer 1), Connected Smart Factory Solutions (data acquisition) (Layer 2), and the "Internet of Services" (Layer 3). Through the integration of information, quick response and flexible manufacturing, the overall effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing processes will be highly improved. This 3-Layer concept is combined with an intensive cultivation of vertical markets and eco-partnerships.

During Smart Industries we will explain our strategy for Industrial IoT “Bridging OT to IT” and we will showcase the latest Smart Factory solutions designed with our Eco-Partners:

Cronos Group companies, Innovation Unplugged and Enginity, demonstrate how they, using of Advantech hardware, equip with insight for improving overall efficiency by integrating Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) data and processes, simulating multiple connected factories using SAP Cloud Platform.

Sorama is Advantech's Eco-Partner for an effective Predictive Maintenance Solution based on contactless Sound monitoring & analysis.

Interested? Keen on learning more about us and our offerings? Please use the opportunity to meet us during Smart Industries in Paris, France, on March 27-30, 2018 – Advantech stand 3G61.