New compact hydraulic drive unit, with integrated axial piston motor – Bonfiglioli 600WT series

The drive specialist Bonfiglioli is extending its range of wheel drive with the introduction of the new 600WT drive series, that integrate a new axial piston motor especially designed for agricultural equipment.

The 606WT wheel drive from Bonfiglioli, perfectly combines proven mechanical systems with a new integrated 68 cc/rev swashplate motor and thus, represents the best choice for
agricultural machinery having closed loop circuits such as self-propelled sprayers.

This drive unit, which provides an output torque of up to 17.000 Nm, integrates the Th68 axial piston motor designed for a continuous pressure of 450 bar, a maximum volumetric flow rate of 160 l/min and it is capable of zero displacement.

Additional features of the 606WT drive units are the two position hydraulic displacement control or alternatively an electrical proportional continuously variable displacement control and the built-in speed sensor. Mechanical gear disengagement, an integrated parking brake, spring-actuated hydraulically released or a dynamic brake, which includes an inspection port are available as options.

With more than 40 years of experience alongside the major agricultural machinery manufacturers, and
a broad range of reliable, efficient and innovative products, Bonfiglioli is the ideal partner to get the perfect solutions.