The EMCO Group

The success story of this Austrian company, which was founded over 60 years ago, started with the production of conventional lathes. EMCO, which in the meantime is part of the Kuhn Group, Austria-based heavy equipment distributor, has become one of Europe’s leading producers of machine tools and has production plants in Austria, Germany and Italy. The group of companies consists of an association of top European suppliers (EMCO, EMCO FAMUP, EMCO Magdeburg and EMCO MECOF) all of which come from the machine-tool industry. United under the common maxim of “Made in the Heart of Europe” they work on intelligent and innovative production solutions for the machining industry. With its extensive product portfolio, the EMCO Group is a respected and proven partner within the field of turning and milling.

Innovative products, high quality of workmanship, as well as appealing design are just some of the significant factors that have contributed to the unequivocal success of the EMCO Group. With its two areas of industry and training EMCO is pursuing a successful two-pillar business strategy:

EMCO is your full-line supplier for the machining industry

EMCO’s industry business segment ‘Innovative Machine Tools’ offers intelligent solutions for CNC machining. Over the years, EMCO has gained an excellent reputation and has earned the invaluable trust of its customers all over the world. The company stands for functional design and highest quality standards. This means: All machines are designed consistent with the Design to Cost principle and the development and production of the machines is carried out entirely in Central Europe, making exclusive use of European brand-name products. All selected manufacturers fulfill the highest standards regarding quality, productivity and economy.

True to the EMCO commitment of Design to Cost, EMCO already concentrates on the central requirements of our customers which our machines are to fulfill in the end, during the planning phase of our machines. As a result, EMCO is able to achieve significant cost advantages compared to competitors, while offering the same performance. Thus, there are essentially two factors, which make EMCO’s systems very interesting on the market: on the one hand, the development of custom-made solutions in close cooperation with our customers. On the other, EMCO’s commitment to supply European top quality at a comparatively low price.

High-performance machine tools for the machining industry

The EMCO product range extends from conventional lathes and milling machines to CNC turning centers, vertical machining centers, through high-speed milling and boring machine centers to the fully automatic production cell.

With the lathes and milling machines of the HYPERTURN product line, a modular concept for a multi-axis turning center for the processing of complex turn and mill components, as well as the high-performance turning centers of the MAXXTURN series, customers are able to experience the latest generation of machines while profiting from the high rationalization potential they offer. With its MAXXTURN series, EMCO has set the new standard for CNC turning centers.

With the new EMCO VERTICAL machines VT 400, 250 and 160, EMCO has entered the vertical turning market. The VT series convinces with its high productivity which is primarily due to its integrated pick-up system by which the machine can load itsself with chuck parts.

EMCO has proven its consistent implementation of the Design to Cost principle within the field of lathes with its successful EMCOTURN E-series (E25, E45, E65): a machine series equipped with essential features which customers find relevant, but which despite its very favorable price does not suffer any quality losses.

For precise machining operations with cycle-controlled machines, EMCO developed the EMCOMAT E-series (turning) and the EMCOMAT FB-450 L and FB-600 L, both with Easy Cycle (milling). Depending on the diameter of blank parts the customer selects between the EMCOMAT E-200 EASY CYCLE, E-300 and E-360, E-400 and E-480.

The EMCOMAT series is made up of EMCOMAT-14D, EMCOMAT-17D and EMCOMAT-20D. These conventional lathes are suitable for requirements. The counterpart to the EMCOMAT series in the milling sector are the EMCOMAT FB-3, FB-450 L and FB-600 L. Production oriented users can conduct universal milling operations and produce especially big and heavy workpieces.

With EMCO FAMUP, the Italian market leader for CNC machining centers, EMCO has extended its product range by an entire line of production machines for the processing industry.

Some examples of the very productive cooperation with the EMCO subsidiary FAMUP are the EMCOMILL E-series (standard 3 axes CNC milling machines), the MMV 2000 (moving column machining centers with linear drive), and the 5 axes universal milling center LINEARMILL 600. The MAXXMILL 500 designed for the 5-axes-operation of milled parts with an edge length of 500x500x475 mm, offers a strong performance at an exceptionally attractive price.

EMCO Industrial Training – training systems for CNC professions
EMCO, as the global market leader, has dominated this field for more than 25 years. It represents the second pillar of the EMCO business strategy. Educational and training facilities all over the world rely on EMCO Industrial Training.

Global competition is becoming more and more competitive and the already high demands pertaining to quality, productivity and flexibility are constantly rising. In line with rapid technical advances, requirements concerning the qualifications of employees are also continuously being raised. Based on its expertise gained from almost 30 years of experience, EMCO offers its customers state-of-the-art modular training concepts in step with the latest industrial requirements. This way, users can be prepared for the special production requirements of their company and trained purposefully by using EMCO products.

The reason for this evidently lies in the principle of the interchangeable control module: all contemporary industrial control units can be installed on a single machine. With this "multilingualism" the customer is able to program on different controls. EMCO is the only company worldwide which offers its customers this extraordinary possibility of practical training.

Beside the concept of the interchangeable control the modular training concept of EMCO Industrial Training is based on 4 building blocks:
Machines, Software, Courseware and Consulting Services

Concept machines
Four machine couples in different sizes and complexity are available: Concept TURN/MILL 55, Concept TURN/MILL 105, Concept TURN/MILL 250 and Concept TURN/MILL 450. All machines are featured by highest industry quality, are in accordance to the highest safety standards and are equipped with the system of the interchangeable control.

The second building block of the training concept is made up of a complete software programm for the control specific CNC training. It is featured by the high didactical quality and its very close relation to the industry.

The multimedia training program EMCO Campus conveys students and teachers with all necessary knowledge all around CNC machining technology. The learning process is made much easier as contents are prepared didactally. With the strongly industry related designs, videos and animations the motivation und attraction to trainees is highly increased.

Consulting Services
EMCO’s commitment, however, goes way beyond the machine sector. EMCO trains skilled labor worldwide, in close cooperation with technical schools, universities and the industry.

On request, EMCO comes along with its customers through the entire project: from planning through financing to installation and training of the personnel. Subsequently, EMCO guarantees continuous support by its technicians and service men. As a result, customers receive everything that contributes to the long-term economic success of such training programs from one supplier.

For years training specialists from Hallein have been advising countries in Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia as well as in the Middle East. The beginning was made in Indonesia back in the 1970's. Since then numerous projects have been successfully implemented in various countries from Algeria to Vietnam.

The great advantage can plain and simple be summed up in one sentence: from the industry for the industry. EMCO, as an experienced system provider for industry and training, knows exactly what the essential success factors are for professional trainings using modern CNC industrial machines. The goal of smooth industrial production can be secured through training, which is tailored to the requirements of the industry and is carried out on genuine industrial machines. Customers learn how to safely operate machines and can seamlessly bring this know-how into the production of their respective companies.

EMCO's dedication and innovations in relation to technical training and development were recently confirmed by its being awarded the Worlddidac quality certificate, issued to companies involved with training projects by the independent Worlddidac organization. This certificate attests that EMCO provides high-quality training with sustainable results. According to Worlddidac, this makes EMCO the ideal partner for the government, international development agencies, and service providers, as well as for all organizations responsible for planning and implementing educational projects.

The Worlddidac certificate also acts as a guide for customers, assuring them that EMCO observes best practice standards in terms of product quality, management, innovation, after-sales support, training, and long-term stability.

EMCO Group – Facts and Figures
Headquarters Salzburger Str. 80
A-5400 Hallein-Taxach / Austria
Phone 0043/6245/891-0
Fax 0043/6245/86965

Founding year 1947
Production plants Hallein/Salzburg, Austria
Legnano and Pordenone, Italy
Magdeburg, Germany
Management CEO Stefan Hansch
CFO Johann Schmid-Davis
Group of companies EMCO Maier GmbH (Austria)
EMCO Maier Corp. Michigan (USA)
EMCO Maier GmbH.&Co.KG (Germany)
EMCO Italia Srl. Milan (Italy)
EMCO Famup Srl. Pordenone (Italy)
EMCO Magdeburg (Germany)
Employees Worldwide approx. 630

List of references (extract)
Airbus France
Black & Decker
Daimler Chrysler
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Honda Engineering
Kässbohrer Magna
Piaggio & Co. Spa

Business segments:
Industrial products

CNC industrial machines:
-Turning centers
-Milling centers
-Machining centers
-MECOF: high-speed milling and boring machines
Automation solutions
Conventional machine tools:
-Lathes and milling machines
CNC cycle-controlled lathes and milling machines

Business segments:
Training and service
PC controlled training machines
-PC lathes
-PC machining centers
Education and training software
-Training and simulation software
-CAD/CAM programming systems
-Multimedia packages for basic CNC education
Service training
Machine installation
Initial operation and introduction
Maintenance and service
Spare parts service
Business segments:
EMCO Project International Technology and know-how transfer
Technical training in metalworking and mechatronics up to university level

Creation of infrastructure
Educational training in Austria
Initial operation on-site
User support

Completed projects:Equipment, maintenance and/or improvement of technical institutes, schools, universities and training centers in:
Great Britain
Vietnam Oman